Rex Begonia

Rex Begonia - Foliage
Rex Begonia

REX BEGONIA – Begonia rex
Lopsided leaves with royal color displays. The many varieties offer unlimited kaleidoscopic hues. Mound 12-18″ high.

TEMPERATURE: Average to warm: minimum at night 60-65 degrees.

LIGHT: Bright diffused sunlight, prefers humid air.

WATERING: Keep soil uniformly moist but not wet.

FERTILIZE: Apply at half the recommended strength every month.

USES: Specimen for table, hanging basket. Several plants massed together for larger accent. Colorful addition to foliage groups, planters. Grows well light garden, using part or all artificial light.

Information brought to you by Lawn Patio taken from Merchant Publishing Company and prepared Agricultural Research Center in Florida.

A few great flower pots filled with beautiful flowers can set a tone for any lawn or patio. The best thing about using yard planters is changing your selection of plants from year to year which shows off your artistry and can be a rewarding experience. Make sure your lawn planters are made with drainage holes to allow accurate irrigation for proper production of plant growth. If your planter does not have drainage holes, you can break up a clay pot to place at the bottom to help keep water from sitting on the roots.

Many businesses use flower pots along their store front to establish curb appeal. Architects and interior designers use them indoors for ornamental design to help establish texture and dimension. Balcony’s and roof tops are a great place for large planters to help bring nature to an uninhibited growing area. There are endless areas you can place a patio planter and if you get bored with it at one place you can easily move it to another.

Whether it is your lawn patio or an interior corner, planters are great accents. Major attractions also include patio statues. Choose your favorite animal, angel or gargoyle and use them as a focal point or display them as a tucked away secret. The most important thing is to enjoy your patio statues design.

Gardeners can’t wait until everything is in full bloom to see what they have created. Your lawn and patio can be your haven away from the work world. A place for you to relax and enjoy your outdoor living . It’s important for you to add maintenance free garden sculpture to your plan so you have time left to sit and enjoy it. Flower pots or patio statues can be moved to different places from year to year to enhance your creativity.

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2 thoughts on “Rex Begonia

  1. Would like to use rex begonia hanging basket in area that receives morning sun until noon. I live in New York.

    • Morning Sun is fine. Just make sure is doesn’t dry out between waterings. Probably a good rule of thumb would be to water it once a week. If the temperature reaches the high 80’s or 90’s than you will need to water more often.

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