Houseplant Care Basics

Houseplant Care Basics
As easy as it sounds like, watering your plants cannot be done on a fixed schedule. The concept of getting your plants ample of water supply once a week or twice a week is not enough. Among the essential factors that you need to consider includes the temperature, weather and soil conditions. The warmer the area, the faster the plants will dry out. Likewise, the plants will need more water on a sunny weather compared to rainy days. Going into soils, most commonly heavier soils will hold more water than lighter soils.
It is a true fact that overdoing things to your plants can shorten your plant’s life tremendously. Over fertilizing as well as over watering can cause huge negative effects to your plants. When watering, always water plants thoroughly and deeply until it runs out the bottom. Always make it a point to check the saucer for excess water. Empty the saucers should you find them filled with water as this can lead to root rot.
Another method of testing the soil for moisture level is to stick your finger at least an inch deep to get a feel out of it. If it feels dry, water your plant thoroughly again. You may need to stick your finger deeper for larger pots.
Having your plants within the confine of your house has different effects compared to plants kept outside. Various equipments such as radiators or air conditioners can contribute to a faster dehydration level. A common method to keep a stable hydration level for your indoor kept plants is to have a steady water supply running at the bottom of your pot. Fill up a tray with some clean stones within a tray to hold the pot. Fill the tray with a considerable amount of water, just enough but not too much till it touches the pot.
Different plants own different temperature adaptation level. Some will have a higher toleration level for cooler night temperatures compared to others. The surroundings and your furnitures can play an important role in influencing the overall temperature, so you might want to reconsider repositioning your plants at a better location. Consequently, it’s essential to know the conditions inside your home before you select a plant. Same goes to plants outside your house.
Being one of the main resources that keep plants alive and healthy, source of light plays an indispensable role in your overall plants survival and development. Light intensity can come in different range from low, medium to high. Unless you’re fortunate to have a green house, we all face the limiting factors of growing plants under less than ideal light conditions. Thus making it as an imperative decision to choose a proper location to place your plant to achieve a long surviving healthy looking plant. Having a half dead plant in a dimly lighted corner of your house is the last thing you want to have.
With the abovementioned basic plant caring tips, you won’t have to worry about half dead plants or proper methods on maintaining your plants on a long term basis.
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