Lawn Care Tips

Eight Lawn Care Tips for Your Garden
I’ll show you 8 simple steps how you can follow extremely simple steps and procedures to maintain a spectacular landscape beauty. Here goes.
Get to know your grass.
Grass grows at their optimum growth rate at the first 6 weeks of spring. Don’t abandon them without proper water, fertilization and mowing. Talking about fertilization, most of us should know that the best time to apply it is not during spring but the during the last fall. It is recommended that the best month to fertilize your lawn is in late May. The main reason why fertilizing during spring is not such a good idea due to the fact that the occurrence of top growth stimulated by the fertilization combined with the rain will create thin skinned grass which will be highly vulnerable to disease.
Know your mowing timetable.
Before you cut your grass for the first time in the spring, try changing the height of cut on your mower blade so that the grass is cut at 3″, giving your grass a nice cut from a present 4 inch tall. You don’t want to overcut your grass as the major food source lies in the tip and removing it simply means more food will be used to grow new tips and less food for the root.
Get a proper watering schedule.
It’s pretty normal to see gardeners to rely solely on the rain for the constant water supply. But it’s also not such a bad idea to turn on the sprinkler to provide sufficient water supply to your grass. Most lawns will benefit from an inch to and inch and a half of water every 7 to 10 days. You should also take into consideration of determining your watering routines from other factors such as soil variations, weather conditions and type of grasses.
Maintain your mower blade.
Trimming your grass with a blunt and unmanaged blade will cause massive water loss and makes your grass more vulnerable to diseases. Most likely, you’ll end up with brown looking lawn instead of fresh greeny ones. Always try to set a fix schedule to sharpen your mowing blade from time to time.
Applying lawn care products.
Do not panic when you see weeds start growing at your lawn. Try to identify what weeds are growing and learn what harm they will inflict on your current healthy lawn. Most weeds will appear depending on different situations which stimulates its appearance and growth. The most common weed you should pay attention to is the crabgrass, which is very well known as an “annual-weed”. It generally reappears every year if your lawn has a clear history of crabgrass.
Pest Control.
Control, prevent and try to reduce any pest problem you currently have. The best idea to go with is to have a multiple variety of resistant plants. A proper plant selection and placement will also help greatly. Biological, mechanical or even pesticide solutions should compliment any of your pest controlling tasks. But do bare in mind that pesticides are frequently used only as a last resort, due to its toxic nature. Lastly but not least, a good aftercare of your grass is probably the best pest control you can ever have.
Get to know your soil pH.
Try to get a few patches of dry soil from different areas of your soil and get them to go through a soil test to determine the level of pH. Most local garden centers will provide such services. It is recommended that you ascertain the type of plant you wish to plant on the collected samples of soil because certain plants will grow better at certain pH levels.
Get some renovation done.
It is funny why so many people tend to get most of their gardening routines done during the spring. Besides fertilizing your lawn, renovating your lawn during spring is not such a good idea. Simply put, removing or disturbing lawn areas during spring will encourage weeds to appear on these newly empty patches you create. As you may have guessed, the best time for reseeding and replanting activities is during late summer and early fall when less weed competition.
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