Wind Power

Technological Advances – Wind Power
Through the years, the business place has changed. Verious ergonomic changes have taken place, retrofitting business solutions to the problems created by technology. Redundant as that may appear on some levels, synergetically sound planning isn’t possible with the current speed of technological advances. Simply stated: Technology surges beyond our wildest imagined dreams.
Years ago windmills of wood and metal powered the well to bring up enough water for the cattle, Saturday night radio programs, and occasionally the family had electric light, if they had an electric lamp. Now a wind powered generator standing two hundred feet above the surface of the earth pulls enough to power an entire community. Four of them provide power for our town. More wind generators are being positioned south of town, on the hill. Enough wind generators to keep us cool all winter long – I’m afraid – if the wind blows from the south. Stulp farms, home of John Stulp, former Prowers County Commissioner is placing 50 of the gigantic towers on his place, just south of the Lamar city limits. They will be visible from Spreading Antler Golf Course, from Lamar Community College, and various other land marks across southeastern Colorado.
Located on the highway between Springfield and Lamar, Colorado, Emick Ranch is home to a hundred of the towering wind absorbing giants. The prairies have long been renowned as a great place to sit back on your lawn patio furniture and watch the sagebrush, wheat, cattle and rattlesnakes. Now our fame is growing, over two hundred feet tall to include Wind Powered General Electric Generators. I love it. The new wave of the nation, cartwheeling three armed giants facing the sunset, whipping the prairies dry, and capturing the energy long been lost as the winds blow across Colorado.
Turbines the size of a semi-truck sit atop the towers, spinning blades the length of four cars, and collecting energy. If you ever get a chance to see the new giants of the prairie – you won’t be disappointed. Photos of these wonder machines are cropping up everywhere.
Copyright (c) 2005 – Jan Verhoeff
Jan Verhoeff combines 27 years of service in the Free Enterprise domain and a lifetime of education in business development to bring expertise and understanding of basic business principles to new business owners. An expert in the field of business development, Jan presents conceptual information through publications, live presentations, and Power Launch, a weekly live conference chat for business developers. For more information see her site at:
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