CALADIUM – Cladium hortulanum
Luch tropical look with gigantic yet wafer-thin leaves, shaped life elephant ears. Shor term pot plants
TEMPERATURE: Average to warm: minimum at night 65-70 degrees.
LIGHT: Partial shade with high humidity
WATERING: Keep soil uniformly moist but not wet.
FERTILIZE: Every 2-3 weeks.
Information brought to you by Lawn Patio taken from Merchant Publishing Company and prepared by M. Jane Coleman, PHD and Agricultural Research Center in Florida.


6 thoughts on “Caladium

  1. Thank you for this site. I just received my Caladium as a gift and it did not have a card. I asked a local florist and with my description, he led me right to its proper name.

  2. i think i have this plant, but im not sure how to care for it and its not doing well. Ive lost alot of leaves and stem, stems are drying out on the center between the leaf and root, roots look black. The care card stated curtain filtered light so i left it under and window that gets minmal light. I water once a week. I also see little knats flying around the inside of the pot. Have pics to upload, please help!

    • Caladiums are grown from bulbs.
      If you have bugs I would try treating the plant with the following:
      In an empty Windex spray bottle.
      Add 1-8oz cup of brewed tea.
      Add 1 1/2 tablespoon dawn dish soap.
      Fill balance of bottle with water.

      Spray entire plant and soil. Wait 24 hours and water the plant, if you still see bugs.
      Repeat the above process.

      Caladiums need indirect sunlight of partial shade. Worst case if this doesn’t work I would transplant the plant
      in a new pot and brand new soil.

      • I actually did transplant to a bigger pot and new soil, and it seems to have gotten worse. That is when it started turning brown on the stem. I love this plant and want to save it, dont know what else to do.

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