Jade Plant, crassula argentea

JADE PLANT – Crassula argentea
Easily grown succulent, often takes form of miniature tree. Branching stems, grows 18-30″ tall. Leaf margins turn red with sunlight.
TEMPERATURE: Prefers cooler location with minimum at night to 50-55 degrees. Tolerates lower or higher temperatures, 40 – 100 degrees.
LIGHT: Bright indirect light or some direct sun.
WATERING: Keep soil uniformly moist but not wet.
FERTILIZE: Every 3-4 months.

Information brought to you by Lawn Patio Barn.com taken from Agricultural Research Center in Florida.

Flower pots say welcome to visitors with comfort, beauty and style. They are like an empty canvas waiting to be decorated with flowers and eye-catching accents. Planters are the first things that guest notice about the landscaping whether they are entering a mall, business or home.

Architects talk about landscaping merely as a structure for a picture perfect building or house. Gardeners think of their houses as a necessary structure that takes ground area away from their precious garden space. If architecture is your first love, then learn to appreciate and cultivate plant life and exterior designs that show off your beautiful buildings. If gardening is your passion then force yourself to spend some time on the structural improvements with a lawn planter to your entryway while combining your love of gardening.

The main entrance is a good example of interplay between structure and activity. Flower pots are suitable elegance for this classic setting. Nature is creative and using a lawn planter will channel that energy to achieve some new vision of paradise. The structure of a yard planter combined with the creativity of the garden is what makes successful works of art.

Planters raise a smile and decorates while adding structure to its surroundings.
You can wake things up a bit by adding bright and bold colorful foliage to catch the eye of visitors. The lawn planter can stand high-shouldered if you wish to add a pedestal. Create your own version of magic with garden sculpture and watch the joy it will express.

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