Brighten Your Landscape with Solar Power Lighting

If you want to save time and money on garden or yard lighting, consider solar power lights. These are powered by the sun, charging by day and shining by night, so you won’t have to worry with hiring an electrician to wire your lights or running cables underground to keep them from being an electrical hazard. Solar lighting has become extremely popular in garden and yard decor because solar lights can easily be added to any area without hassle. They are affordable and will last for many years if you buy high quality products.

Another fantastic aspect of solar power lighting is there are now many themes to choose from to brighten your landscape. You’re no longer limited to merely lamps to line your walking paths. Solar power decor items are available in almost any garden design imaginable. You can create an entire yard decor theme with solar power products, while solving two problems in one. Provide light for your landscape and decorate…with the same products!

Solar Power Lighting Themes

There are now hundreds of items to choose from to decorate your landscape and patio. If you love animals, choose from solar powered frogs, butterflies, hummingbirds, turtles and squirrels. Decorate your flower garden with solar powered daisies, sunflowers, tulips, mushrooms, lilies, or maple leaves. For mystical themes, add solar lighting items featuring gnomes, fairies, gargoyles or angels. There are also solar powered lighthouses, stones, address fixtures, and wind chimes. Keep in mind that, with solar powered lighting, you don’t have to worry about the dangers associated with electricity. And, if you choose LEDs, you can enjoy their long life and won’t have to be concerned about the bulbs frequently burning out.

Focal Points that Stand Out

Choose areas for solar lighting products that serve the purpose well. Consider adding lights to your fencing (particularly the entrance), patio and steps, walkways, and anywhere you feel needs some extra lighting. For pathway lighting, there are mushrooms that change color, cylinder fence post lights, LED pathway lights in several colors, hook lanterns, and various designs of pathway solar lights that resemble miniature New England style street lamps.

Consider adding solar powered items near your statues and garden fountains. These will illuminate your main focal decor items during the evening hours and can usually be matched to the theme of your statue or fountain. For example, if you have a birdbath fountain, consider adding a solar powered hummingbird display beside the fountain. If you have a statue of angels, add solar powered angels near the statue.

Solar powered lights can illuminate small yards or vast landscapes. They work well for homes, courtyards, churches and businesses. They also ward off prowlers by lighting up areas that are normally very dark. Prowlers often stay away from well-lit yards and homes. They can also provide lighting where your guests will walk to help prevent falls.

If you want to view a variety of solar powered decor products for your landscape decor, consider shopping online. Online decor stores usually carry many solar powered products that are not available locally, including other decor items such as wind chimes, bookends, fountains, statues, wall clocks, bird feeders, birdhouses, decorative vases and more. With the right solar power lighting, your landscape will be appealing day and night!
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