Designing The Perfect Garden With Wickes DIY

Garden landscaping is all about creativity. For some people, this can be a hard concept to grasp, but most of us are creative to some degree. If you’ve ever put up wallpaper, chosen carpet or moved furniture to improve a room layout, then you can landscape a garden.

Garden landscaping is a lot more than just planting borders and keeping the lawn tidy. A well landscaped garden has interest and contours. It has hidden gems that make you want to explore; it’s exciting. Unfortunately, many gardens are the opposite – flat, and boring. Yet all it takes is a trip to us at Wickes DIY and something like a simple gazebo or rustic arch adds instant height and interest – and is simplicity itself to install.

If you’re really stuck for ideas, there’s a simple way to unblock your creativity – surf the internet. You will find hundreds of images on gardening websites. Landscape gardens in show homes are another good source of inspiration. Pick out features that appeal to you, and try to develop a theme. Garden landscaping works best when there is a thread of continuity, interspersed with surprises.

Don’t be too ambitious. A running river with bridges and waterfalls looks beautiful on screen, but takes a prestigious amount of time, effort and expense. Nothing’s worse than an ambitious landscaping project that ends up getting turfed over, because the owners got fed up with it. So start simple, with something like a gazebo or decking kit. We sell a range of these here at Wickes DIY in easy-to-build kit form. They’re the best and easiest way to create instant impact, and an affordable alternative to employing professional landscapers.

Fencing is important to the final look of a garden. Many people choose the security and privacy of tall, closed fencing over the aestheticism of lower, more open designs but it’s possible to mix the two. Here at Wickes DIY, there is a great selection of functional, closed fencing that is softened with decorative trellis panels. Climbing plants can be trained to form an attractive green screen, and you can continue the theme in other parts of the garden, using the same plants to cover arbours, arches and such like.

Many people incorporate a wall into their garden landscaping design. We have some beautiful sandstone walling that you could use to create a Mediterranean-style patio, or an enclosed barbeque area. If your garden lacks contours, why not raise low walls and plant between them with cascades of cottage flowers or combine walling with paving to create a formal, terraced look? You could even build a fairy grotto or ruined castle for the children – the possibilities are endless.

Every garden landscaping plan has a well-laid pathway. There are many ways to do this, gravel being the easiest and cheapest. Paving slabs (continuous, or laid as stepping stones); herringbone bricks, decking and even railway sleepers have all been used in garden landscaping projects. Be sure to add interest by making the path meander a little. These little tips can help create the perfect garden.

Finally, don’t forget the lighting – the most important aspect of all. We at Wickes DIY have a full range of decking, spike, flood and wall lights that will set off your creative landscaping scheme beautifully.
About the Author

Emma writes articles on Home Improvement, including tips on Garden landscaping . and how to get the best out of your Wickes DIY.
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