Landscape Decor Ideas for Small Yards

Having a small yard doesn’t mean you have to be limited in your landscape decor ideas. Small yards can be inviting and cozy if you use your space wisely. Consider the advantages of a small yard. It doesn’t take a lot of money to decorate. You can view all or most of your decor at a glance. There’s less landscaping work involved with a small yard (mowing, pruning bushes and flower gardens, etc.). Which means more time to sit and enjoy your patio lawn furniture. With a couple of nice trees and flowerbeds, you can relax and enjoy nature without going too far!

Consider Adding Flower Beds and maybe some nice garden stepping stones.

Although your space may be limited, a couple of small, raised flowerbeds can really add to your landscape. Use colors that make small areas appear larger. Pastels often widen spaces, while reds and darker colors seem to narrow the space a bit. Choose bright or pastel colors such as lavender, pink, blue and yellow along with plenty of greenery for starters. Raised flowerbeds and large planters tend to make a landscape area appear larger and they draw more attention to that area of the yard. Accent your flowerbeds with decorative borders, statues, garden fountains or solar power lighting. Even solar power products today are available in various themes to match any taste, including birds, turtles, frogs, angels, gnomes, flowers, etc.

Create a Main Focal Point

Every yard needs a main focal point like a few sculptures statues, birdbath or water fountain. These items stand tall and are usually made of solid, heavy materials such as granite or marble to create a sense of stability. The focal point should set the tone for your landscape decor theme. For example, an animal theme statue can be complemented by other animal theme items throughout your yard. You might have birds, squirrels, frogs or turtles….or even a blend of multiple animal themes. You can also continue the theme on your patio or at your driveway entrance to complete your yard decor.

Landscape for the Birds

Attract birds to your yard with bird feeders, birdbaths and birdhouses. You can also be specific, such as adding only hummingbird feeders. These along with a couple of small- to medium-sized trees will keep lovely birds visiting your yard year after year. In the springtime, you’ll appreciate the sweet bird songs each morning!

Add Sounds that Relieve Stress

The good thing about a small yard is you can add decor items that provide relaxing sounds and hear them all at once! For example, if you add a soothing garden fountain, you’ll be able to hear the pleasant sound of trickling water throughout your entire yard. Also, add a wind chime or two on your porch or a tree limb to hear the tranquilizing music they provide every time the wind blows. Add a hammock to your yard and relax after a hard day’s work as you listen to the sounds of nature and your newly added remedies for stress!

Landscape decor products are readily available online along with other items for the home such as bookends, decorative vases, wall fountains, wall clocks and more. You can also easily find items like candle holders, lamps, tables, chess sets, mirrors, kitchen storage, sculptures, Biblical items, patriotic items, as well as mystical and medieval themed products. Shop for fountains, statues and solar power lighting products that will charm your guests and help you relax. Even a small yard can be your haven from the normal stresses of life!
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