False Aralia – dizygotheca elegantissima

FALSE ARALIA – Dizygotheca elegantissima
Graceful tree with attractive palm-like leaves. Dark glossy stem is pricked with white specks. Grows to 4-8′.
TEMPERATURE: Average to warm: minimum at night 60-65 degrees.
LIGHT: Strong indirect light, some sun in winter, avoid drafts
WATERING: Keep soil uniformly moist but not wet.
FERTILIZE: Every 2 months.
Information brought to you by Lawn Patio Barn.com taken from Merchant Publishing Company and Agricultural Research Center in Florida.
Garden sculpture is a surefire way to add low-maintenance nonliving points that add interest and pizzazz to your garden or landscaping. They do not need weeding, feeding or pleading to keep them at their eye-catching best all year long.

Often used in public and private shows garden sculpture is an impressive display of outdoor art that reflect the playful personalities of its fun loving gardeners. Interior decorators add interest to a room with smaller accent pieces that add flair and give the room a personal touch. Relate this to your outdoor rooms and dress them up with a variety of statues that are impossible to kill.

Showcase your investment by giving it proper placement in your garden. Statues are the little extras that make you smile, the finishing touch or the icing on the cake that resemble the imagination of its owners.

Most homeowners find it in much better taste to adorn their yards with more humble decorations befitting the style and size of the garden. Whether you are after a formal feeling or a contemporary look a few outdoor stepping stones should make your landscape memorable.

If you don’t live in a home that needs to be guarded by a pair of stone lions then adopt the idea by placing a pair of dog or cat statues (if that is your thing) at the bottom of your front steps. Formalizing an entry with a matched set is an idea that can work anywhere.

Let your stepping stones bring back the relaxed feeling of joy, let it loosen up and contain your sense of humor as you escape outside. If you wish to change your garden feature design your statues are easily movable. There are endless possibilities for placement of these scene-setting, mood making sculptures.

Garden sculpture
styles are best enhanced with subtle touches of whimsy. Contemporary landscapes can be canvases for unusual and visual senses of welcome. Classy yard garden décor compliments and adds spice to your landscape. Planters Urns are quick and easy and add instant gratification that last forever.

We recommend you visit Lawn Patio Barn for an exciting display of sturdy and stylish garden sculpture to choose from.


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