Fiddle Leaf Fig, ficus lyrata

FIDDLE LEAF FIG – Ficus lyrata

Dramatic huge gleaming leaves on erect and branching shrub, grows 5′ or more.

TEMPERATURE: Average to warm: minimum at night 62-65 degrees, tolerates lower temperatures to 50 for short periods.

LIGHT: Diffused sunlight or partial shade; avoid drafts

WATERING: Keep soil uniformly moist but not wet. To clean the plants wipe leaves with water moistened cloth.

FERTILIZE: Every 2 months
Information brought to you by Lawn Patio taken from Argricultural Research Center in Florida.

Fiddle-leaf fig is less familiar than its cousin the weeping fig but just as easy to grow. It is the largest-leaved of the houseplant figs with bold, fiddle-shaped foliage, ideal for bringing height and structure to a bright location in a house or sunroom. When grown outdoors, mature trees produce almost spherical figs, singly or in pairs, which ripen to green with white dots.

If you are looking for dimension in your landscape a flower pot is a great addition to the design. Some concrete flower pots can be very upscale and appear as statues providing life to its surroundings. A flower pot serves perfectly to define your home, garden, patio and balcony. They are attractive and versatile garden sculpture that can improve any architecture.

There are so many different varieties of special soil out today that it can be confusing to decide what the right type to use is. Doesn’t it make you wonder how the old time farmers ever grew anything? I have tried many different soils and they did seem to be pretty good. With a green thumb I believe that compost or a little back yard dirt can be your best bet. Just make sure that you add some vermiculite so that the plant is sure to drain well. Your flower pot should have holes in the bottom for drainage, if not place broken pieces of a clay pot in the bottom so the water will have a place to drain and not be on the roots of the plant.
If you invest in concrete flower pots they will be sure to age gracefully. They are a classic choice for outdoor use and depth to your garden sculpture. If you prefer a lighter weight then you can go with composite materials that have the look of stone but are lighter in weight and a little easier to move around.

Take a look at our flower pots and planters at Lawn Patio for a decorative and large variety to choose from. Making one singular piece as garden sculpture can bring a focal point to the whole landscape and add curb appeal.


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