Reed Palm

REED PALM – Chamaedorea seifrizii

Light lacy palm wioth narrowly pinnate fronds spreading from erect stems. height to about 8'

TEMPERATURE: Average to warm; minimum at night 62-65 degrees; tolerates lower tempertures of 55 for short periods.

LIGHT: Prefers shade, no direct sun.

WATERING: Keep sooil uniformly moist but not wet.

FERTILIZE: Once each month while growing usually spring through fall.

Information brought to you by Lawn Patio taken from Merchant Publishing Company and prepared by Agricultural Research Center in Florida.

If you are a part time gardener you are aware of the time it takes to create your dream. There are no rules to lawn and patio decorations, just a few great accents that bring life along with attitude.

A few great flower pot filled with beautiful flowers can set a tone for any lawn or patio. The best thing about using yard planters is changing your selection of plants from year to year which shows off your artistry and can be a rewarding experience. Make sure your lawn planters are made with drainage holes to allow accurate irrigation for proper production of plant growth. If your planter does not have drainage holes, you can break up a clay pot to place at the bottom to help keep water from sitting on the roots.

Many businesses use flower pots along their store front to establish curb appeal. Architects and interior designers use them indoors for ornamental design to help establish texture and dimension. Balcony’s and roof tops are a great place for large planters to help bring nature to an uninhibited growing area.

We recommend Lawn Patio Barn for a great selection of garden sculpture and the best prices online.


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