Ivy Geranium

IVY GERANIUM – Pelargoonium peltatum

Vigorous trailing plant flowers throughout summer. remove dead heads for continued blossom.

TEMPERATURE: Average to cool climate. minimum at night 45-50 degrees

LIGHT: Full Sun or bright diffused light.

WATERING: Soil may dry slightly between waterings.

FERTILIZE: Every month during spring and summer.

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The ivy geranium is easy to care for and is produced in many different colors.
They have a hearty nature and grow well in flower pots and hanging baskets. This geranium being ivy grows well as groundcover and will give the appearance of a carpet with spikes of colorful flowers.

Ivy geraniums need nutrient-rich soil so plant then in a rich mix of composted organic matter. Use potting soil when planting ivy geraniums in flower pots and add organic compost to the soil when planting in the ground.
Ivy geraniums love direct sun exposure.

They will thrive in a variety of conditions but the more sun this plant receives the more flowers it will produce. Any flowering plant will need thorough watering, especially when first planted. As the roots grow they will tolerate less frequent watering’s but do not allow the plant to dry out completely.

If using a flower pot or hanging baskets make sure there are holes in the bottom to accomplish good drainage. Adding compost to the soil will help enrich the soil but also helps with water drainage. Apply a flower fertilizer once or twice a year and be sure to water well.
Use a fertilizer with a higher phosphorous than nitrogen content to encourage and support greater flower production. High phosphorous fertilizer also supports strong root growth and is good to use in the initial planting.
Pruning your ivy geranium plants weekly will maintain a constant new growth of flowers.

Ivy geraniums can be pruned by bending the brown flowing stems in half and simply plucking them off with your fingers. You can allow the flower stems to fall to the ground on their own but it is recommended to prune heavily for best flower production.

If you are looking for dimension in your landscape a flower pot is a great addition to the design.

Some concrete flower pots can be very upscale and appear as statues providing life to its surroundings. A flower pot serves perfectly to define your home, garden, patio and balcony.
If you invest in concrete flower pots they will be sure to age gracefully. They are a classic choice for outdoor use and add depth to your garden sculpture. Planters made of composite materials are lighter in weight which makes them a little easier to move around. Nature is creative and using garden sculpture will channel that energy to achieve some new vision of paradise.

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One thought on “Ivy Geranium

  1. I lived in Davos Switzerland for some years and remember all the balconies had masses of hanging Geraniums. My friend simply shook off all the dirt in the fall and held them over in the cool celler. They looked rough in the spring but a good cut back and fresh soil and before you knew it they were hanging joy again. Thanks for the info..Sue B

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