Plumosa Fern, asparagus setaceus

PLUMOSA FERN – Asparagus setaceus

Rich green lace on long twining stems. Cut back older stems to encourage fresh new growth.

TEMPERATURE: Average climate; minimum at night 55-65 degrees;

LIGHT: plenty of light though avoid full sun. Good in unbroken north light all year.

WATERING: Keep soil uniformly moist but not wet. Stout fleshy roots help. Asparagus survive an occasional drought.

FERTILIZE: Every 3-4 months

Information brought to you by Lawn Patio taken from Merchant Publishing Company and Agricultural Research Center in Florida.

If you want a sense of style in your landscape design just add a little personality with an Arbor. Architectural elements go a long way toward establishing a garden’s style, sometimes more than the plants that grow up and around them.

Giving your plants a vertical dimension to latch onto allows your garden to gain heightened layers of lushness.
An Arbor or Trellis can be a way for you to create a focal point that will incorporate symmetry in your landscape design. A formal garden doesn’t have to mean perfectly pruned and manicured. Combined with the right mix of plants, a unique trellis or strategically placed arbor may be all you need to dress up the outdoors.

Many kit arbors are made of clear Western red cedar, which is beautiful and speaks to your soul.. A roomy arch arbor can be put on pathways for a casual get away with stately lines that makes in feel like home. Many arbors are used as an entry way to the garden which is simply beautiful with a couple of stepping stones underneath, inviting people to enter. A garden bench sitting under a vine adorned arbor is also a perfect retreat from everyday life.

A simple wall trellis on a garage or garden shed wall can provide a backdrop for a lovely array of climbing plants. Plants on a southern facing trellis will produce the most flowers and lushes foliage, but many do well even with a northern exposure. A couple of trellis panel’s spaced equal distance apart will add dimension to any lawn or patio.

Don’t let the lack of a large open space limit your garden sculpture. Container gardening opens a world of possibilities, particularly when the planter is paired with a built in trellis. A flower pot can welcome visitors while providing an open canvas for your favorite eye catching flowering accents. There are endless possibilities when decorating with planters.

Roses are often thought of as the crowning glory of the garden. Putting them next to a trellis or climbing around an arbor gives them the front a center reputation they deserve. Because roses normally have thorns they should be positioned out of traffic. Roses are a particularly lovely plant and adding dimension to them will make you the envy of the neighborhood.

Many gorgeous looking trellis structures are not built from scratch by a woodworker or a homeowner but purchased in kit form from a manufacturer. If you want a wood structure look for rot-resistant materials such as Western red cedar. We recommend looking at Lawn Patio for all your garden sculpture and landscape design needs.


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