Staghorn Fern

STAGHORN FERN – Platycerium bifurcatum

Slow growing epiphyte clings to its support with roots behind the shield-like basal segments. Antler-shaped fronds grow to about 3 fet long. the best Staghorn for home coonditions.

TEMPERATURE: Average to Cool location, minimum at night 50-55 degrees; tolerates as cool as 40 for short periods.

LIGHT: Sun in winter, shade in summer; prefers humid air.

WATERING: Keep the root ball uniformly moist but not wet: soak it in the sink at intervals, then allow it to drain before rehanging the fern.

SOIL: A porous, humusy mixture, containing Osmunda fern fibers, sphagnum moss or shredded bark and peatmoss.

Information brought to you by Lawn Patio taken from Merchant Publishing Company and prepared by M. Jane Coleman, PHD and Agricultural Research Center in Florida.-510″ />


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