Why Build Red Cedar Furniture

When youre sitting and enjoying the great outdoors in a beautiful piece of lawn furniture, you may not pause to consider the wood that your Adirondack lawn chair was made from. Often, the Red Cedar tree will be used to craft your place of comfortable repose. Its not surprising that so many people prefer Red Cedar furniture, and there are plenty of reasons why.

The Western Red Cedar tree (Thuja plicata) produces a delightfully aromatic timber. Its this wonderful smell that people often notice when enjoying an outdoor Muskoka chair. Protected from the weather a piece of red cedar furniture will remain fragrant for many decades.

Red Cedar also contains natural preservative oils. Red Cedar furniture does not require a lot of nasty chemical treatments like furniture from other trees. The natural oils resist decay and the eventual rotting of wood. Red Cedar is often used for hot tubs, jacuzzis, and saunas because of its durability and dimensional stability.

The same natural oils that make Red Cedar so durable also make the color and texture age beautifully. Your deck chair or Jacuzzi will slowly turn to a silver gray color with darker streaks and the grain will start to rise from the wood in wonderful patterns. If you choose to add an additional protective coating to your furniture, Red Cedar is also an excellent base for finishing.

Building with Red Cedar can be a very enjoyable experience. The wood is easily worked with both hand tools and by machine. It also accepts wood screws well, making it easy to build a wonderful outdoor Adirondack chair.

Finally, Red Cedar has proven to be an excellent insect repellent. It is often used in cabinets and dressers because of this property. These cabinets tend to keep away pesky insects that might try to eat holes in your clothing.

Top to bottom, Red Cedar is a wonderful timber for creating outdoor furniture.

For more information about Red Cedar furniture and to purchase hand made outdoor furniture, visit our online Red Cedar furniture store.

Brought to you by Lawn Patio Barn.com.


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