Decorative Concrete Design

Custom Decorative Concrete is one of the most used concrete technologies today. Weather it’s for residential or commercial, custom decorative concrete has grown immensely in popularity for new construction and remodeling. Different types of uses have grown in popularity as well. The most common uses today are for counters, indoor and outdoor fireplaces, bathrooms, walls, garage, sidewalks, driveways, decks, pool area, and patios. Just like any other project, it starts with an idea. There are hardly any limits with what can be done with custom decorative concrete. Concrete on it’s own is very durable and strong. By employing certain key additives and finishes, used in the latest technology today, enhances strength and longevity significantly.

Colored Decorative Concrete comes in many different colors. There are also several different ways to color concrete. Concrete staining is the most cost effective and easiest way to rejuvenate existing concrete. Applied like staining wood, concrete stain dries and hardens to give you a flake proof surface. Concrete stain colors can vary from black stain, English red stain, green lawn stain and even aqua blue stain. Integral colors are primarily earth tone base that employ additives in a ready-mix fashion. Some of these colors include canyon, dune, green slate and flagstone brown. Not quite as cost friendly as stain, but is still budget savvy and easy to install as well. Concrete dyes are a great alternative to achieve colored concrete. Dyes are mixed at the job site. After the drying process the brilliance and luster of the finish product will last for many years to come. By adding a Lithochrome hardener, you will notice right away the exquisite shine and durability Lithochrome hardener provides.

Stamped Concrete Designs are generally pre-stamped in blocks by a manufacturer. The stamped texture can give you a wide variety of looks such as cobblestone, slate, fieldstone, fan stone, Spanish tile and many, many more. Stamped concrete can be arranged to make a particular pattern or you can choose to have it laid out in a traditional inter-locking fashion. Stamped surfaces come in a nice array of finishes too, such as, smooth, aggregate, brick and stucco just to name a few.

When it comes to a decorative concrete design project, it is a good idea to hire a reputable contractor to assist you.
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