Possibly GREEN…Guidance to Help You Go Green

Do It Yourself Tips to a Greener Existence

If you are someone that doesn’t believe in global warming, I think you should be the first to read this. I realize that is too much to ask for, so I will assume that you are someone who does care and is thinking about personally doing something to help save our planet. Many of the ideas and tips set down in this article I do currently live by, however, it takes a very special individual to make this kind of a concerted effort of commitment. I can only assume that you are researching it to either improve your current green efforts, or to find out what it will take to completely go green. For those greenhouse gas skeptics, let’s just agree to cleanup the planet, for no other good reason than to restore its beauty. I have some ideas that will cost you nothing but effort to implement. I also will suggest some inexpensive and highly effective ways that will start saving you money almost immediately. We will start with the tips that will cost you nothing.

1.Keep a separate trash bag for all recyclable waste and not just the ones you can return for cash. If your municipality doesn’t offer separate recycle bins, call your representative and get a program implemented. They will make money. Also, if you have a garden, discarded fruits and vegetables as well as coffee grounds and egg shells make great mulch.

2.As we all know heating and air-conditioning takes up a great deal of energy and always cause a spike in your energy bill. A simple thing like wearing a sweater in the winter, and lowering the heater, just five degrees can make a big difference. Likewise in the summer turn the air conditioning down. Especially if there are only a couple of you in the house at a time. Fans take up no more energy than the average lamp. If you make these small sacrifices, you will see a big savings on your bill.

3.Start washing your clothes in cold water. Modern powders perform just as efficiently in cold water as hot. Most of the energy that goes into washing clothes is in heating up the water. So you will save on electricity, live green and save money too.

4. On sunny days think about hanging your clothes on an old fashion clothing line. You will not only save money, but your clothes will smell fresher.

5.Try to consume a little less of everything, from electricity, to gas in the car, to the food you eat. Take time to write out a shopping list, and stick to it. If you feel the impulse to buy something you don’t really need, get into the habit of waiting 24 hours, then review it. The chances are you either won’t want it any more, or will have forgotten all about it.

Well aside from a little effort, I don’t see any outlay of expensive for any of those projects. So now taking the old adage it takes money to make money, let us explore these possibilities. Keep in mind that you will not only recoup your initial investment, but in a very short time your energy bill will reflect substantial savings.

Two Energy Saving Dynamos

Help Save the Planet and Lower Your Bill
1. Consider getting a new toilet cistern that will use less than two gallons of water per flush. Standard cisterns use about three and a half gallons. Because of plastics, this is no longer a big expense.

2. Compact fluorescent light bulbs are a dream come true for anyone who wants to live green and save money. They burn just 25% of the electricity that a standard light bulb burns, and they can last up to 10 times longer. Change your old bulbs today, or if must be frugal, as the current ones burn out. The two drawbacks that critics used to discredit the fluorescent that being the expense and the difference in lighting that the bulbs give off, have greatly diminished. The hue the fluorescent gives off, while still not the same has recently improved. I have seen these bulbs in the local dollar stores, so everyone can now take advantage of them.

Car Conversion and Renewable Energy You Can Do Yourself

What Use to Cost Thousands Can Be Done for Hundreds
If you want to completely go green, it is now possible to do-it-yourself and actually make money in some instances. If you have decided to look into do-it-yourself projects, here are some very affordable ideas for your consideration.

Car Conversion: There are basically three options when it comes to converting your car to green.

Bio-diesel and bio-fuels… Are not only stemming the tide of global warming but helping support American agriculture. You can’t just dump a few gallons of vegetable oil in your tank however. You will ruin your engine. The conversion is grassroots technology, and for the most part a do -it- yourself process.

Electric…There are so many beautiful electric cars that are either on the market, or soon will be. However, if they go faster than 60mph or have a charge lasting longer than 40-50 miles, they have an exorbitant price tag. You can convert your car for a lot cheaper than you think.

HHO Technology…Although hydrogen cells are what most experts claim to be the fuel of the future, I have found a grassroots movement that uses water as fuel today. You will still have to take the occasional trip to the gas pump, because water is supplemental to your gas or diesel fuel, and 100% water cars are still on the drawing board. Moreover, extracting energy from water to double or triple your fuel economy is VERY EASY. This is not new technology. People have been using water to gas converters in vehicles for years.

Renewable Energy: Residential solar and wind power cannot only help save the planet, but thousands of dollars in utility company cost. Many chose to go off grid, and still other’s actually make money by selling energy back to the utilities.

Solar is a much better option for residential installation than wind power is. If at all possible, especially in windy areas, both forms of renewable energy are preferred. Besides the obvious reason for considering solar, the fact that it is a renewable non- polluting source of energy, you should also know that it has no moving parts to break down, and requires very little maintenance. Another very important aspect is that contrary to most contractors’ misconception it is not a difficult installation. For those of you who live or are considering living in extremely remote or rural areas if electricity is available it is usually expensive. In those cases solar power is undoubtedly the right way to go. However, even in areas where power lines are nearby, solar may still be a viable alternative to being connected to a power company. An average home has more than enough roof area to produce enough solar electricity to supply all of its power needs. All that is needed is an inverter, which converts direct current (DC) power from the solar cells to alternating current (AC), which are what most home appliances run on. A solar home, except for the obvious changes to the roof, will look and operate just like any home does when it was connected to the power line.

No More Chemicals in My House

Imagine a home with zero chemicals. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, the air we breathe inside our homes could be as much as five times as polluted as the air outside. These cleaning products expose you and your family to chemicals that could be more harmful than the germs they are trying to rid you of. Other studies have shown that the average American will, flush down the toilet, wash down a sink, or place in the garbage, more than 20 gallons of toxic and hazardous chemical products. It is all right to be conscientious about recycling or energy consumption, but think about the potential for affecting the health of people, plants, animals, land and water because of this waste.

If all of this seems overwhelming to you, do not threat because you can have all the information you and your family needs to end your dependence on chemicals. Zero Chemicals- Chemical Free Living is a two-volume guide to chemical free-living options. You can use it to go completely without chemicals, or just choose what you feel is right for your circumstance. For every chemically based product, there is an equally effective and totally safe natural alternative. And the amazing thing is that you will actually save money with this method. With your new home environment you will see a change in everyone. They will feel a boost to their immune system, an energy explosion, and generally an improvement to their overall health.

The First Lady has made planting and growing your own garden, fashionable again. After years of eating supermarket food and other fast foods your body begins to store all of the toxins and chemicals. These toxins can affect your body in many ways. I will say that, for my wife and me, the last two years of having our own garden have been not only extremely healthy but fun and mouth watering, as well. I had no idea that there is a system to growing a backyard garden, which entailed more than simply planting a bunch of seeds, watering and weeding. We struggled for a few years before we discovered the secret to growing an organic garden. I am sure that we are healthier for it. However, the taste is extraordinary, and, I promise, will be the first thing you notice.

I wish that we knew what we know now the first garden we planted. There is indeed a correct way of doing anything, and planting seeds is no exception. For example, I had no idea that the soil needs to be properly prepared, and that there are organic fertilizers that should be used. There are many dangers you should be aware of, including what exactly should be done with those pesky weeds. I found everything we needed to know in a guide quite appropriately named, My Organic Food Garden. Absolutely everything you need to know about organic gardening at home can be found in this guide. This book was written so that the absolute beginner can setup a professional quality garden without the headaches.

Everything that I have shown you I have researched and, for your convenience put all the information in one place. My web site

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