Add Magic with Sculptures Statues

Large statues in a garden really enhance the ambiance of your property by adding a touch of magic and the exotic to your outdoor living space. Give your garden a tranquil image as a place of peace and repose with a Buddha statue.

You can choose a full size Buddha or a bust placed on a large pillar. The exquisite carving and the serene facial expression will become a calming focus for your garden. Cast stone is an excellent choice of material for this type of statue and when finished with a hand-applied patina, will have an antique appearance. These types of statues look the best with a resin wall fountain ( This finish weathers naturally over time and is well suited for all types of climates.

Size up your garden and draw a plan before you buy any large statues. This will allow you to look at the whole garden to decide on the best place for the statue. If you have a large garden you can consider having several statues, but you should only consider having one statue in a small area. Too many statues in a small space will be too overpowering and will detract from the beauty of the garden itself.

You also have to make sure that growing plants and shrubs do not hide the statue. Even though they may be small and close to the ground right now, you should think ahead to what they will be in future years. At the same time, you don’t want the statues to shade the plants and cause damage to them by taking away the sunshine they need for growth.

Keep the weather of your area in mind when purchasing large statues. You will not be able to take these large objects in during the winter and so you need to make sure the material of the statues or any wall fountains ( you may include in your garden can withstand the changes in temperature and the overall climate conditions.

Frost-proof statues work well in colder climates because they will not crack when the weather turns cold. You do, however, need to cover them during the winter to give them as much protection as possible from snow and freezing rain.

Shop around for the best prices of large statues. You can get really nice statues at reasonable prices from online retailers. At the end of the summer season many local retailers that specialize in lawn ornaments will offer deep discounts in such statues in an attempt to reduce their inventory so that they do not have as many to store until spring. You may also find great prices on previously owned statues, some of which may never have been installed in a garden.

If you plan to have wall water fountains in association with large statues, you should purchase all the supplies you need from the same retailer. This is because a retailer will have the specific types of plumbing needed for a statue. You can engage the services of a professional plumber for the installation of these pumps and pipes, but by following the detailed instructions included you can accomplish this task on your own.

Some large statues for gardens follow a theme. You could make your theme one of angels or fairies or recreate a story with statues of boys and girls. If you like the classical statues of ancient Greece and Rome, you can have these as well to give your garden the appearance of a Roman villa where statues were quite common.


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