Bring Your Garden To Life

Nothing enhances a garden and makes it a place your want to be like outdoor statuary. Statues can be used to enhance flower beds, ponds or reflect a theme in a garden.

The decor of your outside living space is as important as that of the interior of your home if you like to spend a lot of time outside in the garden enjoying the warmth of the summer sun and the beauty of nature. Garden statues will last for many years and add to the ambiance of the garden making it a place of peace and repose.

The first step in choosing garden statuary is to take stock of your garden. You should have a plan of the garden in front of you to help you decide on the proper location for the placement of the statue or statues. Consider the placement of other features of your garden, such as outdoor wall fountains ( or waterfalls.

If you are having difficulty choosing the best location there are landscaping specialists from whom you can get very helpful advice. Once you decide on the location, you will want to choose a statue that will look perfect in that spot and of course, it has to be a statue that you absolutely love.

You will have to make a decision about the material of the statue. Metal is a very popular choice, as is precast concrete, alabaster and fiberglass. Some statues are also made of reconstituted stone so they look as if they grew right out of the land. You do have to choose a material that will stand up well to the elements of the weather in your climate.

Metal is one of the statue materials that is prone to rust and corrosion. If you do not take care of concrete statues, cracks can occur that will mar the look of the statue over time. Copper has become increasingly popular in outdoor statuary and wall water fountains ( because it ages and weathers to a greenish color that well suits any garden. Another popular material is that of alabastrite. This material is stone based and the unique combination of stone and poly-resin allows you to have statues containing intricate details.

If you want to have several types of outdoor statuary in the garden, mixing and matching is not a good rule to follow. In order to have balance in the garden with statues, you need to have a theme and choose statues that fit in with that theme. When you have all different sizes and shapes of statues, it will give the garden a disorganized appearance.

Choosing a theme will simplify the process and will make choosing the statues a lot easier for you. In addition, you can stick with that theme if you decide to incorporate water features such as indoor wall fountains ( into the interior of your home.

Some of the commonly used themes in gardens for outdoor statuary include:

• Angels

• Statues reminiscent of Ancient Greece and Rome

• Animals

• Children

• Flower statues

• Mythical creatures

Use outdoor statuary and wall fountains to create a focal point for your garden. Surround it with flowers of all colors, but make sure that you use flowers of the same color on the sides of the statue. Using different colors in these places will make the statue look as if it is slightly off balance.

Small statues will draw attention to low lying areas of the garden, while one tall statue will give the garden a much larger appearance. You do need to do regular maintenance on the statuary, but this can be done at the same time as you mow the lawn and weed the flowers.


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