Garden Gargoyle Statues Give Eyes to Your Landscape

The origin of the gargoyle stone is known in Architecture as a sculpture. It‘s meant to be art-form that was designed to be used as a device for venting waste water from gutters.

No wonder there is a hideous array of creative faces associated with gargoyle statues. They were to drain away that which might otherwise cause rot or erosion. Gargoyle sculptures became a sort of craze in the fourteenth or fifteenth century with rich folks and churches competing for the biggest best gargoyles. They hired artist to design a combination of animal and human monstrous forms of gargoyles and the attraction grew past the practical use into Architectural status.

From the artist canvas spiked grotesque and disturbing yet fascinating gargoyle statues. Some say they are creatures of horror and yet others believe they bring luck and blessings. The artist’s goal was to not be humdrum but some of the extremes were hilariously bad. Some of the realism of the gargoyle statues where so fake that they became funny.

They do not breath, bleed or fly away but there is one certain element in every gargoyle statue that opens a doorway to our imagination. Gazing into the faces of these aliens you will find that every gargoyle statue has eyes. Some eyes are closed, some open, some hollow and some only one. This particular effect and fundamental truth hits all the right nerves in all of us that bring life to the gargoyle.

If you see them over entrances, in gardens or churches there is always an unspeakable fascination. If you don’t see them have no fear because the gargoyle statue will see you there. It stocks you whether you know it’s there are not. Something which seems to be a monster was born not of a living creature but of a building. Let your sculptures statues bring back the relaxed feeling of joy, let it loosen up and contain your sense of humor as you escape outside.

Gargoyles are not living creatures but have made buildings and landscapes bring life to sculpture. Our line of garden gargoyle statues is unsurpassed and all will visually impact your landscaping by taking on a life of their own. During the cold winter months when all your plants have died your gargoyle statue will retain its sense of occupancy and keep your garden alive and youthful.

We recommend you visit for an exciting display of sturdy and stylish gargoyle statues to choose from.


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