Patio Planters – Decorate Your Deck With Class

Patio planters can greatly enhance your deck by adding depth and warmth to it. These planters add color and create a lovely environment just outside your patio door. There is nothing more enjoyable and relaxing than going out on your deck to catch a light breeze and let the sun shine on your face while being surrounded by fresh plants and flowers.

You can beautify your space with fresh flowers and plants with simple deck planters. These boxes can be mounted on deck railings or can be free standing which is perfect for decorating the steps and corners of your deck. Resin, PVC and concrete are some materials that are used for these planters, since they need to withstand sun and rain exposure and resist insect infestation.

Most deck planters are lightweight and fairly inexpensive. Some are also made of treated wood that is durable, weather proof and rot proof. A typical size box is 17″. Many people have their planters custom made for their particular space and décor. The deck railing planters, made out of PVC or resin, usually measure around 30″ in length and requires no hardware to mount them. They stay safe and secure and usually fit both 2×4 railings and 2×6 railings. Some planters are also made from recycled material.

The different shapes in deck planters like square, rectangular, circular are practically endless. They can be purchased for as little as $10 and can cost upwards of several hundred dollars for custom made boxes. The other determiner of price is the particular style, size and material of the planter. These can be purchased at any outdoor store and there are many options on the internet. It will be important to consider the weight and dimensions if ordering online due to the shipping cost. For some items it is best to stick to purchasing from your local retailer.

Patio planters can also be a stimulating introduction to gardening. They can be a great way to get children or the elderly involved with plants. The contained box makes access and weeding less of a chore and the smaller space may seem less intimidating. Because of their elevated position it is also very advantageous for those who have bad backs that can’t really bend over to tend to plants normally.

Deck planters can be a lovely addition to any outside deck area. A small investment in these planters can make a world of difference. So consider picking up some planters this weekend and pop in some seasonal plants to brighten up your space.


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