Pretty Planters, Pretty Yard

This is what my mother used to tell my father when she would bring home another planter for one of her beloved plants. Many had grown out of their respective container so it had to be done and she was determined to put her plants in beautiful flower pots and hanging baskets.

Now that I am grown and have a family of my own, I totally understand why she believed in her phrase pretty planters, pretty yard. Just look around your own neighborhood and you will see the people who have utilized wonderful containers, large and small are the same people who have beautiful yards.

Though I believe in having wonderfully cared for lawns and gardens, I no longer believe it should be at any expense. There is proof that some of the chemicals and products we use to enhance are yards and gardens are having a detrimental affect, not only on animals like birds and frogs but on humans as well. This is mostly due to water run off getting into our water supply. That is why our family and household are doing everything we can to be more organic and if that means the yard is not as green, so be it.

It also means finding alternative ways to make the yard beautiful and not just relying on the grass. That brings me back to containers and what you can do with them. Most people think they are just good for flowers and they are certainly good for those. However, they are also wonderful for certain herbs as well as vegetables and some fruit.

You can utilize containers and plant stands to bring color to places that seem dark and alone. It is amazing how just bringing one colorful plant out to a porch area can cheer the place up. It is the same with patios, decks and driveways. Plants bring the colors of nature as well as the feel of nature to any area in your home or on the outside of your home.

They also make wonderful gifts to take into assisted living facilities. In fact, there are probably some people in that facility that can help you quite a bit with some gardening tips and tricks! They would love to have you come to visit and bring in a potted plant or hanging basket or two.

Another great idea is to use raised flowerbeds for planting vegetables around your yard. This allows you to place the bed wherever there is ample sun for your plants and have a small garden of your favorite vegetable or herbs. Since these beds are so easy to put together and use you can have as many as you want in different locations to provide the best growing environment to your plants.

But the best thing about having flower pots and planters is the fun you have playing in the dirt; planting and watching things grow. It is something wonderful you can pass down to your children and grandchildren that they will carry with them their entire lives. Thanks Mom.


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