Stone Commercial Planters

One of the most ideal commercial outdoor planters today are the stone planters. Mainly because stones are highly durable and cannot be easily destroyed or damaged by increment weather. These commercial planters actually come in different forms and designs nowadays: jar or urn shaped, square, rectangle, and other custom sizes and shapes.

But modern planters that are made of natural stones are not very practical for residential use because it is much more expensive and too heavy compared to other modern planters. Since commercial establishments usually use large planters for outdoor use, it is not advisable to use large stone planters unless they want to put it in a permanent place. Typically, landscape artists, garden enthusiasts, or interior designers would recommend Rock Veneer Planters, Faux stone planters, or commonly known as artificial stone planters.

Artificial stone plant containers made of commercial grade polyester resin material are great replacement for natural stone plant containers. They are not as pricy as natural stones but they have the same genuine look and feel. Moreover, polyester resin are lightweight compared to real stone but they are highly durable and can withstand any climate.

Unlike natural stone, artificial stone plant containers can be placed indoors because they are lighter in weight. They can be an excellent decoration in your balconies, patios, or entrance ways along with your lovely plants and flowers. Artificial stone planters made of polyester resin or fiberglass can also be ideal for outdoor use because of their durability. These commercial planters can be a perfect accent to your garden or outdoor spaces. Artificial stone planters may come in different colors that will fit the theme of your interior decoration or the design of your outdoor areas.

Artificial stone planters are also used by many commercial establishments partly because it is easy to install. They usually use large planters that simulate the look of the stone which can be used as a bench where people or their customers can take a rest. Sometimes, fiberglass planters are also used as artificial stone planters because the material can simulate the appearance of the stone as well.

These commercial planters can have drainage holes depending on your needs. Custom planters are always available if you have a specific design in mind. So if you are having second thoughts in using stone planters because of the price or the heavy and unmanageable stones, the best alternative is to use artificial commercial planters. You cannot tell the difference but artificial stone plant containers are more versatile and less expensive.


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