Flowering Cherry

Japanese flowering cherry – Prunus serrulata
Higan cherry – Prunus subhirtella

Moisture: Moist Soil
Growth: 12-24” of growth per year
Flower: White
Fall Color: Yellow

Many species of ornamental cherries exist, but the two most popular and available flowering varieties are the Japanese flowering cherry and Higan cherry. These trees flower prolifically before foliage appears, with a floral display that is spectacular. Because of the many varieties of Japanese flowering cherries that have been developed, plant shapes and flower forms are many. The most common cultivar is probably ”Kwanzan” which produces double deep pink flowers. The most popular Higan cherry is the weeping variety pendula, often simply called a weeping cherry. The weeping trees are graceful and broad-spreading, which makes them effective for an accent in bloom and also throughout the seasons. Cherries are sometimes produced, which are small and attract birds.

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