Cornus florida
Moisture: Moist Soil
Growth: 12-24” of growth per year
Flower: White
Fall Color: Orange

Flowering Dogwood is the official state Tree of Missouri.From mid to late April it blooms a show of white or pink flowers. This is a small spreading tree and is well-adapted to growing under large trees where it gets light shade. It is not tolerate of drought or pollution. Flowering dogwood has attractive horizontal branching bright red fruits and good fall color plus its spring flowers.

The dogwoods ranch from creepers to medium-size shrubs and small single-stemmed trees. They appear in clusters at winter’s end before the foliage, or in midspring to late spring.

The oval leaves are mid-green too dark green and often turn a rich red, yellow and bronze in the fall. Plant both white and pink dogwoods in midfall or early spring in an organically rich, well-drained, acid garden soil. They prefer a partially shaded area and wet soils. This fairly pest free tree has no special needs but beautiful and airy in any landscape.

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