Birch Tree

Soil: Moist Soil
Flower: None
Fall Color: Yellow
Growth Rate: more than 24” of growth per year

White Birch was once very popular due to its showy white bark. It always attractive., loves the sun and moisture. Remove dead or storm-damaged wood, cutting to the basal collar, whenever necessary. Sow seeds in the fall through winter. Place in the open so that form and bark can be appreciated.

The airy, small-leaved birch, with its slender trunk and branches, is a graceful ornament to any garden. Birches are renowned for their peeling silvery white bark: some species have gray, glossy black, or orange-brown bark. Birches have toothy leaves that may have a oval or diamond shape.. They turn yellow in the fall. Plant in mid-fall or early spring in loamy soil. Do not plant birch close to borders or fences because it has a wide-spreading surface roots.

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