Hickory Tree

Soil: Moist Soil or Wide Range
Flower: None
Fall : Yellow
Growth Rate: Anywhere from 12” to 24” of growth per year

Hickory trees are famous mainly for their toughness of the wood, and the flavor it can impart on ham or bacon. Yet these Northern American Natives also make exceptional shade trees, as rugged as they look. Placed by a patio, a hickory provides a welcome retreat in summertime, and its golden brown fall foliage is very picturesque. The delicious nuts produced by many species are a bonus.

The bark is smooth on younger trees, but becomes rough and ridged on older ones. The large, compound feathered leaves are a dark yellowish green in summer and brighten to an outstanding golden color in fall. This tree thrives on rocky dry sites.

Plant in any open site in midfall or early spring. Since hickories are tap-rooted trees, it is prefer-able too buy small nursery-grown specimens.

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