Maple Tree

Soil: Moist Soil or Wide Range
Flower: None
Fall : Orange, Red and Yellow
Growth Rate: Anywhere from 12” to 24” of growth per year

Beautiful is summer, with its full, usually rounded top, the maple is even more outstanding in fall, when its foliage turn orange, red, and yellow. Some species also have striped or peeling bark. The leaves have three, five, seven, nine, or more lobes and are typically pale mid, or bright green in summer. New growth may be tinted red.

Plant in midfall or early spring in well-drained but moist soil in sun or partial shade. Maple as a rule tend to prefer a lightly acid pH, but some will tolerate alkaline soils also. Soil too alkaline or salty will cause brown on the leaf tips.

The foliage is outstanding spring through fall. The maple needs only routine attention for removal of dead, damaged or crossing branches. This tree is graceful in any landscape.

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