Yellow Stainer or Yellow-Staining Mushrooms

The cap is 2 to 6 inches across. Angular at first but flattens out later and has a dip in the center. Very White when young but darkens with age. When it expands to a fairly large cap with greyish-brown scales. It bruises a very bright yellow as soon as it is touched or cut, making this a valuable identification feature.

The yellow stainer accounts for approximately 50 per cent of the cases of mushroom poisoning. It has an unpleasant smell and taste and must be avoided at all costs.

Well known features are:
1. Intense yellow stains on surface when scratched.
2. Cap becomes greyish and slightly scaly with age
3. Mature gills turn brown
4. thick ring joins cap to stem

Gardens, near hedges, and the edges of woodland are favorite habitats of this species.

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