Betty Prior Rose

The Betty Prior rose is among the tallest of the floribundas reaching a height of 4 to 5 feet and is exceptionally hardy and disease resistant.

Floribunda roses blossom almost continuously except for a short midwinter dormant period and from spring until frost. Combining the virtues of their parents – the hardy polyantha roses with its clusters of small blossoms an the showy hybrid tea rose with its large blossoms on long stems. They produce clusters of moderately large blooms on fairly long stems and are relatively hardy, most varieties surviving without winter protection in some southern zones.

Floribundas make good hedges and can be massed in beds of their own or in front of taller roses. They provide constant color and good cut flowers.Five-petaled single flowers 2 to 3 inches across are medium pink in color and have a moderate fragrance. Considered one of the best of the older varieties introduced in 1938.

Garden Sculptures add life to any Landscape. Click on Lawn Patio Barn for an exceptional variety.


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