Yard Planters Show Off Your Creativity

If you are a part time gardener you are aware of the time it takes to create your dream. There are no rules to garden sculpture, just a few great accents that bring life along with attitude.

Changing your plant selection from year to year is a challenging and rewarding experience. A few great yard planters filled with beautiful flowers can set a tone for any lawn or patio. The atmosphere around flower pots breathes creativity and fun. Many plant seasonal flowers, enjoy them and easily replant for the next season. Your yard planters can be an arrangement of artistry.

Many businesses use yard planters to establish curb appeal. Balcony’s with flower pots are a great place to bring nature to an uninhibited growing area. Lawn patio statues add character and tremendous ornamental design. Architects and interior designers use lawn planters indoors to establish texture and dimension.

Whether it is your lawn patio or an interior corner, yard planters are great accents. Major attractions also include patio statues. Choose your favorite animal, angel or gargoyle and use them as a focal point or display them as a tucked away secret. The most important thing is to enjoy your patio statues design.

Gardeners can’t wait until everything is in full bloom to see what they have created. Your lawn and patio can be your haven away from the work world. A place for you to relax and enjoy your outdoor living . It’s important for you to add maintenance free gardening to your plan so you have time left to sit and enjoy it. Yard planters or patio statues can be moved to different places from year to year to enhance your creativity.

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Wood, Concrete, Resin, and Ceramic Garden Planters

A drab, plain looking yard can be turned into a great display of color and character with garden planters. Whether they are made to hang on a wall or sit in the yard, garden planters can be a classy alternative to a whole garden. Each material used to make garden planters offer unique characteristics.

A comfortable, warm feeling can be added to any yard with a wood garden planter. They come in many different styles and shapes from square or rectangle shaped to round shaped. Wood garden planters are very durable and can hold heavy plants. If your yard does not already have an existing theme, a wood garden planter can be a great place to start because there are many options available. Barrel-shaped garden planters are also available which will give your garden a classic, old-fashioned feel. Because of the nature of the wood, there are some considerations before choosing the wood option. Cedar is strong and resistant to weather damage but wood needs to be cared for with sealant or varnish, especially because you will be getting moisture on it with constant watering. Sunlight is also an enemy of wood so if you do not prefer the grayish, worn wood color, varnish or UV resistant paint should be applied. Varnish can be poisonous and harmful to the plants if the right kind is not chosen.

Concrete garden planters are beautiful and they will be a sturdy, long-lasting edition to the yard. The nature of concrete gives a weathered and unrefined theme and can concrete can be beautifully matched to stones and other accessories and furniture. Many can be quite large, so heavy plants can be supported. Caring for concrete garden planters is easier than wood and will not be as prone to damage due to weather.

The size of concrete can be a concern for some individuals and yards. It is cumbersome and heavy and will not be easy to move, so mowing grass and doing other yard work around it may be difficult. The base of a concrete garden planter will naturally have a lot of holes if it is not already sealed and the water will leak out the bottom. This will require watering more often. Sealing the bottom of the garden planter is not recommended because dirty water will be able to be drained with ease.

A great vibe can be added to your yard or garden with resin garden planters. Finding the perfect resin planter can be easy because they come in a wide variety of designs and styles. Resin is also the most lightweight so they are good for plants that cannot stay in the sun or shade at all times. They are also the easiest to clean.

Resin garden planters are weather resistant but they should be handled with care to avoid breaking. The colors may also fade more quickly unless they are painted with UV resistant paint.

A natural and earthy feel can be achieved by purchasing a garden planter made of ceramic. Ceramic is beautifully crafted and painted and the colors are the brightest and most unique. Ceramic planters can also come in the most uncommon and unconventional of shapes.

Ceramic planters are extremely delicate can break if knocked over or dropped. There is a good chance of cracking or shattering due to lawn mowers or other garden tools. Their unique designs also make ceramic garden planters some of the most expensive.

Patio Planters – Decorate Your Deck With Class

Patio planters can greatly enhance your deck by adding depth and warmth to it. These planters add color and create a lovely environment just outside your patio door. There is nothing more enjoyable and relaxing than going out on your deck to catch a light breeze and let the sun shine on your face while being surrounded by fresh plants and flowers.

You can beautify your space with fresh flowers and plants with simple deck planters. These boxes can be mounted on deck railings or can be free standing which is perfect for decorating the steps and corners of your deck. Resin, PVC and concrete are some materials that are used for these planters, since they need to withstand sun and rain exposure and resist insect infestation.

Most deck planters are lightweight and fairly inexpensive. Some are also made of treated wood that is durable, weather proof and rot proof. A typical size box is 17″. Many people have their planters custom made for their particular space and d├ęcor. The deck railing planters, made out of PVC or resin, usually measure around 30″ in length and requires no hardware to mount them. They stay safe and secure and usually fit both 2×4 railings and 2×6 railings. Some planters are also made from recycled material.

The different shapes in deck planters like square, rectangular, circular are practically endless. They can be purchased for as little as $10 and can cost upwards of several hundred dollars for custom made boxes. The other determiner of price is the particular style, size and material of the planter. These can be purchased at any outdoor store and there are many options on the internet. It will be important to consider the weight and dimensions if ordering online due to the shipping cost. For some items it is best to stick to purchasing from your local retailer.

Patio planters can also be a stimulating introduction to gardening. They can be a great way to get children or the elderly involved with plants. The contained box makes access and weeding less of a chore and the smaller space may seem less intimidating. Because of their elevated position it is also very advantageous for those who have bad backs that can’t really bend over to tend to plants normally.

Deck planters can be a lovely addition to any outside deck area. A small investment in these planters can make a world of difference. So consider picking up some planters this weekend and pop in some seasonal plants to brighten up your space.

Best Choices in Outdoor Garden Planters

Outdoor containers can be a wonderful way to add focal points throughout the garden. In many urban areas, the primary means of having a garden may be through a series of planters set up on a roof or terrace. Whatever your particular situation, it is important to choose planters that are not only beautiful, but are also built to last.

The cheapest and most popular types of outdoor planters are made out of thin plastic. While these planters are okay for a quick fix, they have a tendency to crack and break in extreme weather, so they probably will not last you for very long. They also are not generally all that attractive looking and have a tendency to look as cheap as they cost.

Another terrible, but equally inexpensive, planter choice is thin, machine-made terra cotta. These planters are also very likely to crack and break in freezing weather. If you like the look of terra cotta, a better choice is handmade terra cotta that is at least 1/2-inch to 1-inch thick. The thickness of the clay will help to prevent cracking and breakage.

Among my favorite planter materials are fiberglass, high-fired ceramics, and concrete blends. Fiberglass planters look and feel a lot like thick plastic, but they can be painted to resemble glazed ceramics or other materials to a great degree of accuracy. Fiberglass is much more durable than ordinary plastic. It won’t tend to crack or break, and it is lightweight, which makes it an excellent choice in areas where you may want to move the pots around from time to time.

High-fired ceramics are most commonly imported from Asian countries. They are made from an outdoor-ready type of clay that has been glazed and then fired to a high enough temperature to make the possibility of cracking during freezing temperatures far less likely. Not all ceramics that are available on the market today are made to go outdoors. Most garden centers will carry indoor planters on their indoor shelves, and all outdoor planters on their outdoor shelves to help the customer be able to differentiate between the two. When in doubt, always check with a salesperson or your landscaper first. The best part about ceramic planters is the sheer variety of colors available in an assortment of effects, including crackled, drip, or multi-colored glaze patterns. It’s easy to create a stunning, very elegant effect with a large ceramic pot strategically placed in a garden, with or without plants in it.

Concrete blends are usually a mix of fiberglass and concrete. This combination works really well because you can create the look of stone or slate, while at the same time getting the lightweight feel of fiberglass. These planters look really great in highly geometric, very contemporary shapes and settings.

Metal planters have become a very hot item in recent years, and while I agree that they can look really sleek and modern in the right context, there are a few things you should look out for. First, make sure that the metal doesn’t appear to be too thin or it will have a tendency to dent and warp over time or as you try to move these planters around. The second thing you should look at are the welds between the pieces of metal that make up the planter. Welds that are already beginning to crack or pull apart will only continue to do so even more when you add the pressure of dirt and plants. The last thing to consider is that some metal planters will have a tendency to rust over time, so you will want to check and make sure that they have been treated with a rust-proofing of some sort before purchasing.

The last and most important thing to check any planter for before purchasing is drainage holes. If you are planning to put dirt and plants inside of them, then a drainage hole is absolutely mandatory to prevent plants from drowning and developing root rot. If your planter does not contain drainage holes, you can drill them yourself using a drill bit that is at least 1/2- to 1-inch in thickness. Smaller holes will have a tendency to get dirt clogged up in them. You will also want to line the base of your planter with 1-inch or so of pebbles or broken pottery shards to prevent all of your potting soil from escaping.

Pretty Planters, Pretty Yard

This is what my mother used to tell my father when she would bring home another planter for one of her beloved plants. Many had grown out of their respective container so it had to be done and she was determined to put her plants in beautiful flower pots and hanging baskets.

Now that I am grown and have a family of my own, I totally understand why she believed in her phrase pretty planters, pretty yard. Just look around your own neighborhood and you will see the people who have utilized wonderful containers, large and small are the same people who have beautiful yards.

Though I believe in having wonderfully cared for lawns and gardens, I no longer believe it should be at any expense. There is proof that some of the chemicals and products we use to enhance are yards and gardens are having a detrimental affect, not only on animals like birds and frogs but on humans as well. This is mostly due to water run off getting into our water supply. That is why our family and household are doing everything we can to be more organic and if that means the yard is not as green, so be it.

It also means finding alternative ways to make the yard beautiful and not just relying on the grass. That brings me back to containers and what you can do with them. Most people think they are just good for flowers and they are certainly good for those. However, they are also wonderful for certain herbs as well as vegetables and some fruit.

You can utilize containers and plant stands to bring color to places that seem dark and alone. It is amazing how just bringing one colorful plant out to a porch area can cheer the place up. It is the same with patios, decks and driveways. Plants bring the colors of nature as well as the feel of nature to any area in your home or on the outside of your home.

They also make wonderful gifts to take into assisted living facilities. In fact, there are probably some people in that facility that can help you quite a bit with some gardening tips and tricks! They would love to have you come to visit and bring in a potted plant or hanging basket or two.

Another great idea is to use raised flowerbeds for planting vegetables around your yard. This allows you to place the bed wherever there is ample sun for your plants and have a small garden of your favorite vegetable or herbs. Since these beds are so easy to put together and use you can have as many as you want in different locations to provide the best growing environment to your plants.

But the best thing about having flower pots and planters is the fun you have playing in the dirt; planting and watching things grow. It is something wonderful you can pass down to your children and grandchildren that they will carry with them their entire lives. Thanks Mom.

Commercial Grade Large Planters For Your Restaurant

Restaurant planters or hotel planters are usually large, elegant, and functional. Their unusual sizes are not only for style but for a purpose. They can serve as a boarder or a liner for the restaurant’s outdoor setting. Instead of putting fences or railings, large planters are more trendy and can add beauty to the restaurant.

Large fiberglass planters are the most commonly used planters in commercial establishments. Fiberglass are lightweight and durable which makes them ideal for outdoor settings. Some would even use big planters on casters so that it can easily be moved when they change their outdoor arrangements.

Most restaurant planters today are not only used as an ordinary containers for plants nor a restaurant decoration. Four of the top grade restaurant planters that combine function and style for restaurants today are as follow:

Coronado Premier Planters

These large commercial planters are used by the well-known Hotel Del Coronado, one of the oldest wood hotels. It is 36 inches long and 13 inches wide which are perfect for outdoor dining areas because they won’t occupy too much space. It looks like wood but it is actually made of Premium Cellular PVC.

Good thing about PVC is that guests cannot really tell that the large planters are not real wood. The material is durable compared to real wood because it won’t rot and can withstand bad weather conditions. They can also be painted with any color and can easily be cleaned.

Capri Rectangle Flower Planters

The Capri Rectangle Flower Planters are very simple yet innovative and elegant. They create an illusion of floating slightly above the ground. The compartment of these large planters are larger than the supportive footprint underneath.

The Capri Planters come in a variety of textures, colors, shapes and finishes that compliments any plants, flowers, bushes, and even trees. They are slightly bigger than the Coronado Premier Planters but they can be ordered in custom sizes.

Cairo Vase Planters Urns

The Cairo Vase Planters Urns has long been used in ancient Egyptian time. Their exquisite beauty and elegance perfectly fits in classical themed restaurants or luxurious dining areas. They may not be too functional compared to the Coronado and Capri Planters but with its charming appearance, you can have an unusually large vase as a centerpiece in any indoor or outdoor setting.

Custom planters for the Cairo Vase planters urns are also available. So they can be made in medium or small sizes which can be placed anywhere as a group to accent restaurant doorways, reception areas, and other spaces.

Valencia Round Fiberglass Planters

These are commercial grade planters that has the classic Mediterranean style that can be refreshing for outdoor restaurant settings. The Valencia Round fiberglass planters are highly durable and resistant to any possible damages like staining, scuffing, or wearing off. These round planters have small circular footprint that can occupy less space in your restaurant.

Large Commercial Planters are of high quality which makes them long lasting. They will be a good investment for any commercial establishments not only in terms of function but also in attracting more clients or customers.

Trellis With Modern Planters For A Beautiful Garden

Designing our garden is certainly fun. In planning the kind of garden that we want, we get to choose the kind of flowers, modern planters, furniture, and other accessories that we can use. Today, one of the stylish ways to use in our garden is the trellis with commercial planters. A trellis alone may not be very attractive. But if an appealing contemporary planter is attached, it will look more beautiful with the blooming flowers planted on it and the vines that creep on the trellis.

Trellises are undoubtedly a great addition to the beauty of our garden. But that is not the only purpose they have. Trellises can also serve as a creative way of putting a privacy screen to our backyard or any outdoor spaces. They can be used without modern planters attached to it and just free standing that surround the garden.

Since trellises are placed outside our home, they would be susceptible to damage from some factors like bad weather condition. So it is important that we choose a trellis that is made of high quality materials so that they won’t be easily damaged. Typically, trellises are made of wood. But today, most manufacturers use other materials such as PVC and fiberglass which are more durable but can still have the physical appearance of wood. Furthermore, PVC and fiberglass planters does not rot, fade, crack, nor discolor which makes it a very ideal alternative to a traditional wooden trellis.

Even the outdoor planter that we want to attach to it should be made of high quality materials. If you want to use wood planters to match the design of the trellis, there are also wood planters that are made of other materials like fiberglass and PVC. These materials only imitate the appearance and wood to prevent them from getting damaged too easily.

Trellises today have modern designs made perfectly well to give additional charm to our gardens and other indoor or outdoor spaces. They no longer look just like any ordinary trellis where vines grow. Nowadays, trellises are used as an extra decoration to our home especially if modern planters are attached and lovely flowers bloom on it.