Dog Statues

Statue – Dog Statue

Yard garden decor statues make great gifts for that person that has everything and are very popular due to the numerous optionsLawn Patio Barn has to offer. Whether you are a pet owner, nature lover or prefer a dog statue you can find our patio sculptures interesting and affordable.

Bring joy along with your very own unique character to your garden or landscaping with Lawn Patio Barn‘s patio sculptures. Every dog statue is created in durable, long lasting stone bringing years of happiness to your patio or garden. Our sculpture statue is designed to last outdoors and require no maintenance with the exception of a good cleaning every once in a while.

You may want to create a focal point with our garden art statues or just add your own unique touch of magic with a smaller choice. Our line of sculptures statues are unsurpassed and all will visually impact your landscaping by taking on a life of their own. During the cold winter months when all your plants have died your yard garden decor retains it’s sense of occupancy and keeps your garden alive and youthful.

To enhance your individuality you can order your dog statue in five available colors. After removal from the mold the sculptures statues can be stained by hand with the Antique Gray,(cements natural color), Weathered Bronze (green/yellow tint), Dark Walnut (brown), Terra Cotta (Orange tint) or Copper Patina(sky blue). Whatever your distinct color your sculpture statue will stand out and capture the attention of your own personality and lifestyle.

Use smaller sculptures statues in and around your front yard landscaping or even at your front door that will give it that extra special energy. Many of our yard garden decor statues have taken on names via their owners and are just superb conversation pieces. A favorite dog can be man’s best friend.

We are always looking for new and interesting pieces to create keeping our line fresh and interesting. Lawn Patio Barn’s packages its patio sculptures statues in custom made, foam fitting boxes for shipping all across the country. Landscaping your garden, patio, lawn or front door with our yard garden decor should be fun and creative, so order your dog statue today and Enjoy!

Puppy Dog Statues
See Lawn Patio for your favorite best friend.This golden retriever puppy statue is one of our best sellers. The Golden Retriever, with its intelligence and eager to please attitude, is one of the most popular breeds in the United States. The golden-colored coat is the hallmark of this versatile breed, and can range from light to dark gold.Click here at Garden Statues for a variety of sculptures to choose from.

This dog statue is a hole in one. This sculpture combines mans best friend with one of his favorite sports. Every casting is created in durable, long lasting stone. The Antique Gray is the stones natural color. The four other available colors are applied by hand to enhance the detailed individuality and personality of each piece. Go to Lawn Patio for more details.


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