Our flower pots can turn any drab patio or deck into an arena of bursting color with endless charm. Whether you fill them with just one type of flower, shrub or create a stunning arrangement the flower pots will bring nature a little closer. All of our garden sculpture flower pots are made with drain holes for drainage to increase your plants performance. The flower pots is a timeless piece that will last for years to come. See a our large variety of planters by clicking here at Lawn Patio Barn.

Art Nouveau LST-DR's

The Art Nouveau Vase plus Pedestal speaks for itself. The Art Nouveau Vase is 23″ across the top, 15″ across bottom, 19″ High, Weight is 200 lbs. See all features by clicking here.


Chelsea Trough 40 LST-NBS Stage (4)

The Chelsea Trough planter is a fabulous planter that can be changed or added to, according to whim, depending on what your looking for or the season. View all the different sizes by clicking here.


Essex with Feet 48 CRM-NBS Stage (2)

The Essex Bowl planter here is featured with the feet that will lift the flower pot up allowing for proper drainage when watered. view sizes and colors by clicking here.

Cardiff 24 LST-NBS Stage (17)

The Cardiff flower pots denote your individual artistry. The ribbons and rings hold the attention of many and signify charm and grace. This fascinating work of art is popular with either the casual or formal lifestyles. Click here to view more details.


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